The Prosenter is a center where men and women that are working in prostitution can come and get help in Oslo. Most men and women that come to the center come to get medical care, but some also come for different reasons such as help to contact the police if needed and guidance. Only 10% of the women that come to the Prosenter is Norwegian, while the remaining 90% comes from different parts of the world, but mainly from the developing countries. Human trafficking is closely related to prostitution because many of the workers come from underdeveloped countries

The woman that we got a lecture from told us a lot about the different laws that are connected to the sex industry in Norway. In Norway, we have the “sex buy law” that is a law that says that its legal to sell sex prohibits to buy sex. What I didn’t know is that it is many different laws that are connected to the sex industry in Norway, and there are many grey zones in the law that makes it hard to know what’s legal and what’s illegal, especially since most of the sex industry has moved to the internet. By today’s visit to the Prosenter I have learned that most people have a wrong idea of what prostitution is, and how it is carried out in modern society.



Dear next president

Firstly, I hope that you as the next president will do great job and help the country forward.

Especially I hope that the American healthcare program, childcare and education will become better than it is today. Looking at it from a Norwegian perspective, where healthcare, childcare and education is available to everyone, I have always thought it been strange that USA, that are the leading country in the world and the country “everybody” look up to, don’t have a better social system. The fact that people can’t afford to get basic healthcare, is unacceptable.


In this election no one of the candidates have been a clear favorite. Things have been said and done by both candidates that have made them unpopular among people not only in the US but all around the world. Both have promised a lot, both good and bad. If they keep their promises are going to be interesting to see. I hope that no matter who becomes president, that he or she will exceed the expectations of the people of being Americas next president.



Dear next president

Humans of Oslo

Today we have been in Oslo, to do our “humans of Oslo”-project.


Nilson, from Turkey.

Nilson have been vacationing in Norway, and have been in Bergen, Stavanger and lastly Oslo. The highlight of her trip was visiting Preikestolen, which she found very challenging but rewarding. The nature is her favorite part about Norway.

She wasn’t sure about what her biggest accomplishment in life was, but one of her proudest moments was when she won a swim competition when she was a child.

Her happiest moment in life is when her little sister was born. Her little sister is always happy and smiling which is the opposite from her older sister, who she tells us are crazy and loud, and sometimes angry.

Humans of Oslo

Topics for the year

Studying and working abroad 

Today many young people choose to move abroad to study or work. There are many reasons for this. The biggest reason for this is because people have the opportunity to do so today. Over the last decades the world has in many ways gotten smaller. It is much easier today to move to a different country or even continent, than it was before. Many young people also want to travel the world before they settle down and have a family or more responsibilities. To move abroad is a great way to see different parts of the world.


Media and the role of the media 

Social media is one of the most important communication platforms we have today. Social media is used in many different ways. Companies use it for marketing and to get their products out on the marked. They can also use it to get out a message. Social media is also used by people as a way of communication between people. Not only between friends but also between strangers that might share the same view or feelings about a topic. Because of social media it’s much easier to spread a message about something you have a opinion on.


Varieties of English

India is one of the many countries where english is used as one of the official languages. India was one of Britan’s colonies for a very long time. That is the biggest reason why english is one of the official languages. In many countries where people speak different languages or dialects in different parts of the country, it is easier to communicate in english. India is one example of a such country.

Topics for the year

Breaking the ice

I did not have many expectations for today. I had checked the plan for the day so I was a little bit nervous and curious about what we were going to do today.

At first I felt a little uncomfortable doing the ice-breaking activites, but the more exercises we did the more comfortable I felt.

During the trust exercises I felt a little afraid that they were not going to catch me. It was also scary when we were following someone else around while you were “blind”, so I was relived when we were done with the trust exercises. Even though I was nervous in the beginning, it was a fun to do something we don’t usually do.

Today I feel like I went out of my comfort zone, both to trust people to catch you and bump into each other.




Breaking the ice